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Our range of beautiful Victorian style etched glass is laminated and meets all safety standards so it’s ideal for doors. Call us on 02392 750512 for more information on cut to size pieces and full or part sheets. Etched glass is surprisingly difficult to photograph! Please note the colour representation on these photos may not be accurate.

Victorian Etched Glass is safety laminated and available in the following patterns and thicknesses:

Fleur (7mm); Fleur de Lys (5mm); Amber Fleur de Lys (5mm); Pugin’s Gothic (5mm); Amber Gothic (5mm); Blue Gothic (7mm)

Victorian Etched Glass in traditional Period style patterns and coloured enamel glass decoration

These decorative glass patterns provide privacy and maintain brightness whilst adding warmth and beauty to the room décor with the options of enamelled glass colouring to some of the designs, even more beautiful!


Fleur de lys, Fleur, Gothic
These designs have an etched surface with a clear design.

This pattern is faithfully reproduced from Pugin's original design circa 1840. The pattern is available in combinations of
Etch-Blue, Etch-Green, Etch-Amber or plain Etch.

Double Fleur - (available to special order)

This pattern is a double "etch" opaque glass that provides the best standard option for privacy.

Victorian - (available to special order)

A design based on leaded glass of the late Victorian Period. The pattern is outlined in solid black enamel and shaded with Blue and Green enamels, Amber silver stain and Glass Etch. The design may be cut to size and used as is, or cut into its constituent squares and leaded together to produce leaded lights. The distance between the black lines separating each square is 102mm (4”).

The method of producing “etch” enamel glass was developed and patented in 1805 by John Davenport. In 1988, Barron Glass set out to revive this process of decorating sheet glass which involved developing a technique of kiln firing the glass which enabled large sheets of glass to be decorated. Importantly, this unique process maintained the flatness of the glass whilst applying extraordinary high levels of colour consistency.


Etched and enamelled surfaces should face the inside of the building when glazed to protect the decorated surface from the elements. Glass subject to high levels of condensation e.g. in a bathroom, should have the decorative surface incorporated into the centre of the glass laminate to further protect the decorated surface. Please specify "internal laminate" when ordering, if this is required.
We do not recommend our annealed glass be toughened which is why we offer all designs in a laminated safety glass option of either 5mm or 7mm. - SEE PAGE 18 OF OUR PRICE LIST FOR STOCK SHEET PRICES, custom cutting prices please phone 02392 750512 for a quotation.



The perfect partner to the Victorian Etch glass panels are the Victorian Brilliant Cut glass ‘Glory Star’ corner squares for traditional period style doors.

These are available in amber, red, blue, white opal etched brilliant cut and in red/blue etch with silver stain yellow colour detail.

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