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Learn how to cut glass with our tutorial on New Item!

Quality carbide wheel oil fed ‘Toyo’ style glass cutter at an unbeatable price.

Great value pistol grip glass cutter

Oil fed carbide wheel glass cutter made in China in a range of five bright colours.

Circle and Strip Maker

Designed to hold anything from razor knives, marking pens, pencils and glass cutters. It’s a versatile multi-purpose tool! Rigid metal measuring bar with precise laser engraved markings provides accurate measurements to the 1/16 inch. Also calibrated with metric engravings accurate to 1 mm. Non-skid pads on the circle base keep it securely in place while marking or cutting. Strip base, circle base, and utility holder are high-impact plastics for accuracy and longer life. Unique strip base design works on raised edge work surfaces or lets you use the edge of the material as your guide. The 3-prong circle making base makes it easy to see and center your circle. Floating action of circle base means better performance on uneven surfaces. Make or draw circles from 3" (7.6cm) to 24 1/2" (63 cm) in diameter. Make or draw strips 5/8"(1.6 cm) to 12.25" (31 cm) wide. Includes: Strip base, circle base, 1- calibrated (SAE and Metric) brass bar, 1 turret holder with steel wheel turret, and detailed instructions.

Works with pencil grip glass cutter- not included

These glass cutters should be filled with oil. Any light machine oil will do, WD40 also works well.

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