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We stock a wide range of genuine hand-made spun roundels.

Our roundels are made the traditional way - by hand. Molten glass is gathered on a ponti rod and is spun between two graphite boards. When the desired diameter is reached, the roundel is broken off the rod and allowed to slowly cool in an oven to anneal the stress created from the glass manufacture.

The making of roundels is highly skilled, and due to the manual production process, each piece is entirely unique.

Roundel Sizes
Two standard sizes are available -
60mm diameter and 80mm diameter.

You can see our range of genuine roundels below. Remember that a computer screen is not the best way to view the true colour and quality of a roundel - you need to hold one in natural light to appreciate its true character.

These roundels are superb incorporated into a leaded or stained glass window, giving authentic period style.

Hand spun coloured glass roundels Hand spun clear glass bullions For purchasing multiple bullions please phone us for competitive courier delivery rates. Hand spun coloured glass roundels and clear glass round bullions traditionally made for leaded windows, stained glass windows and doors. Submit Go to Product Submit Go to Product